Smartphone to be connected with analog radio

A new communication technology that enables Smartphone to be connected with general analog radios has been developed. When commercialized, all analog radio signals can be digitalized to be linked to smartphone and even to PCs.

InitialT, a local mobile solution company (represented by Lee Gyou-dong), announced on July 10 that it completed developing its own ‘Soft PTT (Soft Push-to-Talk)’ solution into the one that can communicate with analog radios. ‘Soft PTT’ is a solution embedded in Smartphone and is able to change the existing radio signals into software. Using this solution, Smartphone can be used as an analog walkie-talkie. But this solution had its own limit. It couldn’t be connected with the already widely-established analog radios or TRS (Trunked Radio System).

It was only after a technology that could support SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) used for VoIP that Soft PTT was able to be connected with the existing analog radios. Just like VoIP is linked with analog PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network), the communication between Soft PTT and analog radios has now become possible. When two different types of networks are combined, even the existing analog radios which have a limited communication range will be able to be connected to anyplace nationwide by accessing RoIP (Radio over IP). And smart systems based on the solution can be established as well.

For full article, see Korea IT Times.


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