Nano Convergence 2020 Projects Designated

Nano Convergence 2020 Project Group formed by MOITE and MSIP announced on the 17th that 9 new research projects for 2013 had been selected. Nano Convergence 2020 is a technology commercialization project owned by the two Ministries, by which a total project fund of 513 billion Won will be invested from 2012 to 2020.

The newly selected projects include, development and commercialization of nano-based fake gasoline detector, development and commercialization of high-temperature conductive nano dispersion polymer composite material and development of 5th generation OLED lighting board surface coating by powder injection at the room temperature. The fake gasoline detector is the one that is expected to have the most immediate application to the daily lives of people. When the research produces successful outcome, the new detector will allow the consumers to easily authenticate gasoline they are buying right at the pumps with the tiniest amount of sample. The detector, likely to be in the form of a piece of cloth will change its color on contact with fake gasoline in 3 seconds.

For full article, see Korea IT Times.


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