3D printer technology woven into diverse industries

2013_07_3DprintingChoi Yoon-chung (aged 22) has recently decided to undergo bimaxillary operation for her protruding lower jaw. Choi had been hesitant about the surgery as it involves risky procedures such as cutting off the facial bone and repositioning the upper and lower jaw bones. However, she has become resolved to the operation after receiving explanations that the surgery ensures safety using 3D (three-dimensional) printer technology.

3D printers are widely used for medical purposes including riskier plastic surgery, orthodontic movement and artificial hands/ legs. They enable surgeons to perform simulated surgery/ mock operations ahead of actual operations and make subsidiary organs catered to each patent, resulting in higher medical efficiency.

The luxury sportscar brand, Lamborghini utilized 3D printer technology to create a pilot model of the “Aventador.” Prior to the introduction of 3D printer technology, $40,000 and four-month period were required for the production but 3D printing brought down costs and the period to $3,000 and 20 days.

For full article, see Maeil Business.


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