Bio-based economy Seminar – 3 September, 2013, Seoul Plaza Hotel

Waste water to nurture algae, food waste to make plastics and algae to produce chemical building blocks. These are just some of the examples that the Netherlands is undertaking to turn agricultural and food waste and algae into high value product.

On September 3, a group of Dutch expert in the new field will be in Korea to present their ideas, knowledge and commercial products. On that day, there will be plenty of time to exchange ideas with them.

Below is a list of the Dutch organisations that  will visit Korea:

Biosolar Cells (Consortium for artificial photosynthesis)
Download 1: Consortium profile
Download 2: More background info

Control Union (Certification and inspection)

DeepArcticWater (Floating green house structure)
Download 1: Proposal for floating greenhouse structure
Download 2: DAW information

ECN (Energy Center Netherlands):
Download 1: Company Profile
Download 2: ECN’s work on biomass
Download 3: Method to Measure Green Energy

NeDaHan (Agricultural consultant)

General information about this topic is available in English and Korean.

If you are interested to attend the seminar and meet one or more Dutch companies during or after the seminar, please register at: registration, you will be contacted to set up a time for the meeting.


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