Korea’s new chemical regulation to undermine industrial competitiveness

2013_08_chemistrySouth Korea enacted new legislation that regulates registration and evaluation of chemical substances in May this year, raising the concern that the new law could undermine the nation’s industries that use chemicals, including the electronics, car, shipbuilding and steel sectors. The new law on regulation and evaluation of chemicals (RECH) was separated from the previous comprehensive chemical substance control legislation.

The RECH’s key departure from the prior law is that the new legislation does not permit exceptions in the registration of new chemicals. So far, companies have been exempt from registering chemicals if the substance is used in a quantity under 100 kilograms per year, or for research and development purposes. Most countries, including the US, Australia, Canada and Europe, have such exemption provisions in their regulations. As of now, Europe has the strictest chemical regulation named REACH – Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals – which allows companies to forgo the registration of chemicals if the substances are used in one ton or less amount.

For full article, see Maeil Business.


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