Radio communication confirms successful launch of South Korea’s new satellite

¾Æ¸®¶û 5È£ ¹ß»ç ¼º°øSouth Korea’s new multipurpose satellite made contact with a ground station in the Asian country early Friday, confirming its successful deployment into its target orbit, officials in Yasny said. The first communication contact was made at 2:35 a.m. (5:35 a.m. KST), according to the officials from the Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI).

The Korea Multipurpose Satellite-5 (KOMPSAT-5) was launched Thursday from a launch base in Yasny, located some 1,800 kilometers southeast of Moscow, using Russia’s Dnepr rocket, a space launch vehicle converted from a Soviet-era intercontinental ballistic missile.

Beacon signals from the satellite were initially picked up by the Troll Satellite Station in Antarctica, 32 minutes following the launch, partly indicating the satellite’s successful deployment into its orbit.

For full artilce, see Korea Herald.


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