New fuel key to future growth


GS Caltex, the nation’s second-largest oil refiner, has been steadily investing in R&D to acquire new future growth engines. The petrochemical company is looking to expand its product portfolio from its current foothold in petroleum and petrochemicals. The Central Technology R&D Center, located in the Daedeok Research and Development Special Zone in Daejeon, is playing a core role in its innovation process.

Developing new chemical materials is one of GS Caltex’s main strategies. In particular, the company named carbon fiber as the newly-developed material that deserves the most attention. At four times lighter yet 10 times stronger than steel, carbon fiber is a next-generation material produced by carbonizing the thread form of “pitch,” a residue left over in the petrochemical production process.

Carbon fiber is widely used in the automobile and aerospace industries due to its low weight, high strength and outstanding elasticity. Moreover, high oil prices and demand for environmentally-friendly materials are prompting the use of carbon fiber instead of glass fiber in the fiber-reinforced plastic industry.

For full article, see Joongang Daily.


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