Fast subway LTE- internet connections

Source: Playwares

For the 7 million persons who use the subway to get to work, a fast data network is no small thing. That led the three mobile carriers to take their intense competition underground on their so-called wider broadband long-term evolution (LTE) and LTE-Advanced services.

LTE-A doubles LTE data flow from 75 megabits per second to 150 megabits by connecting two bandwidths, whereas wider broadband LTE doubles data flow by widening a single bandwidth. For subways in the greater Seoul area – including Incheon and parts of Gyeonggi – the nation’s largest carrier, SK Telecom, was found to have built the biggest network for both wider broadband LTE and LTE-A. KT was next, followed by LG U+.

According to Playwares, an electronic devices and telecommunications service review website on Monday, about 88.9 percent of subway stations had wider broadband LTE and LTE-A services, provided by SK Telecom, available in the greater Seoul area. Regular LTE service was available at the rest of stations. The company commercialized the LTE-A technology for the first time in the world in June and launched the wider broadband LTE in September after obtaining extra bandwidth at a government-hosted frequency auction in August.

For full article, see Joongang Daily.


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