Korea opens traffic big data for commercialisation

An ICT-based advanced traffic infrastructure forum, in which the government and industries are participating, was officially launched for the first time in Korea. Various kinds of traffic big data, owned by the National Police Agency, etc.,will be opened to the private sector, creating a new industry.

Government agencies like the National Police Agency and the Ministry of Science, ICT & Future Planning, and industries including Hyundai Motor Company, SK Telecom, S-1 and the General Insurance Association of Korea, are participating in the ‘advanced traffic infrastructure forum.’ The foundation ceremony and the MOU signing ceremony were held at the K Hotel on December 9. The forum will combine ideas in the private sector with the public IT infrastructure in line with the creative economy and the government 3.0 policy, and create a new market.

The forum will have four subcommittees for technology utilization, traffic safety, social safety and policy development. The technology utilization subcommittee will find ways to develop and utilize various services based on the Urban Traffic Information System (UTIS, http://www.utis.go.kr/), which was implemented and operated by the National Police Agency. Representative examples are the digital tachograph (DTG) data automatic transmission system, customer management service based on automatic transmission of vehicle diagnosis data, the logistics management system for various commercial vehicles including vehicles carrying hazardous materials, automatic update of maps and black box image transmission, mobile communication networks and UTIS bundled products.

For full article, see Korea IT News.


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