Korean government pushes through strict car fuel economy target

2015_01_fuel economyThe Ministry of Economy Tuesday announced its plan to raise the fuel economy target for passenger vehicles to 24.3km/l and the greenhouse gas target to 97g/km by 2020. The new standards will take effect gradually from next year. However, car manufacturers protest the plan, saying the ministry ignores industry opinions and the target is simply unrealizable.

The car industry has requested re-examination of the plan since the ministry announced a proposal last September, but the government pushed through the original proposal. Under the plan, the government will force 10 percent of cars to meet the target next year and raise the level to 20 percent the following year and to 30 percent thereafter and finally to 100 percent by 2020. Violations will lead to a penalty.

According to the plan, the government’s target of 24.3km/l in terms of fuel economy and 97g/km in terms of greenhouse gas was maintained at the original level despite opposition from carmakers, while the calculation method for car sales was partially adjusted.

For full article, see Maeil Business.


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