POSTECH research team drastically improved graphene production efficiency

Professor Jo Gil-won
Professor Jo Gil-won

A Korean team of researchers developed a method to synthesize thin graphene film by rolling up metallic foil used as a catalyst. The research team of Professor Jo Gil-won from POSTECH Dept. of Chemical Engineering, researcher Bong Hyo-jin and Dr. Jo Sae-byeok announced on the 19th that it had developed a technology to drastically improve production efficiency of graphene, which is drawing attention as a ‘dream material’ because of its electric conductivity higher than copper, strength greater than steel and thermal conductivity higher than diamond, by rolling it into the form of a scroll.

The outcome of this study, which was recently published as a cover paper of an international academic journal for materials field ‘Nanoscale,’ draws academic circles’ attention by being a technology for large-area mass-production system that is directly relevant with graphene commercialization. Although numerous studies are being conducted on graphene competitively across the globe, studies about large-area mass-production system have not made any progresses. This is because not only it involves a large amount of raw ingredient and energy consumption, but also it requires complicated facilities and a long production time.

For full article, see Korea IT News.



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