Mobile shoppers want fewer and better choices

2015_01_online shoppingKim Jin-young was looking for a birthday present for a friend and thought a pair of gloves would be just right. But when she used the keyword “gloves” in a search on G-Market, a popular e-commerce site in Korea, she was faced with a daunting 227,100 results. Even when the 28-year-old sorted the results by a single brand, hundreds of different gloves from the label were offered. Overwhelmed with the results, Kim was turned off the purchase.

Consumers like Kim are pushing online retailers to jump onto the curated commerce bandwagon. All major online retailers – including G-Market, 11st and Coupang – now either have a separate curated commerce site or designated a section for items that have been selected specially.

In the early days of online shopping, people were excited by the fact that a vast assortment of products could be seen with the click of a mouse, something that would have required hours or days of shopping in brick-and-mortar stores. But large online retailers such as G-Market, Auction and 11st went too far by showing hundreds of thousands of products in a single search. Shoppers rebelled against the cognitive overload.

For full article, see Joongang Daily.


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