Korea, Japan and China competition heats up over rechargeable battery

The competition in the secondary cell battery industry has expanded from mobile devices to electric car, sparking the race for ‘rechargeable battery big bang.’ In the rapidly growing global secondary cell battery market, which expanded 96 percent last year, South Korea, Japan and China are more fiercely competing over attracting personnel, new technology, patents and others.

Since overtaking Japan for the first time in 2011, Korea grabbed the top market share in the global small lithium ion (Li-ion) battery segment of the global rechargeable battery market last year for the third year, said sources in the relevant sector Monday. Japan had been an uncontested top country with 51.1 percent market share in 2008, but the figure has continued to drop to reach 34.3 percent last year. China is the third biggest country with 18.3 percent market share.

Samsung SDI shipped the highest 1.1 billion cells of rechargeable batteries and took the top rank, and LG Chem the third highest 715 million cells. Panasonic retained the second place with 718 million cells, and Sony the fourth with 316 million cells.

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Stereoscopic TV battle brewing: ASG vs. FPR

Amid sharpening technology, there is no doubt that 3D TV is here to stay with the whole industry currently at the same stage as when high-definition (HD) was introduced. 3D was a key issue at the recently finished IFA electronics fair in Berlin where most TV majors displayed their latest 3D solutions with hopes to take the lead in the booming market. “3D will be everywhere next year,’’ said Jim Chabin, president of the International 3D Society.

Now, attention is being shifted as to whether latecomer LG will break down the current domestic lead of Samsung.

Price matters for 3D hopefuls because there is little 3D-only content on the market and consumers don’t have much knowledge, in general, of viewing differences offered by the different technologies used by Samsung and LG. “That’s why we are confident to completely beat Samsung’s technology in China by the end of this year and our next targets are the United States, Europe and Japan,” said Kwon Young-soo, the chief executive of LG Display, in a meeting with reporters, Thursday.

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Korean Li-ion battery manufacturers outperform Japanese companies

South Korean lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery manufacturers surpassed their Japanese counterparts in terms of global market share for the first time last year. Li-ion batteries are equipped in IT products such as laptops and mobile phones, and Korean and Japanese companies dominate 74 percent of the global Li-ion battery market.

Korea’s Samsung SDI and LG Chem took a 39 percent share in the global Li-ion battery market last year and exceeded the combined market share of Japanese manufacturers on a yearly basis for the first time, according to a report of Japanese market researcher Techno Systems Research Monday. The two Korean companies’ combined market share was higher than that of their Japanese counterparts, Panasonic, Sony, and Hitachi, by four percentage points.

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